Extractor for Biomasses

The first machine for the extraction of biomass and silobag silage.
The extractor is the machine that allows you to recover the silage stored inside the silobags, loading it on a lateral means.
It is driven by the tractor PTO and consists mainly of: a horizontal conveyor auger, a roller which rewinds the open bag and an extraction screw.

Technical features:


Drive: Power outlet
Tractor (minimum power): 110 kW 150 hp (540 r.p.m.)
Measure horizontal silos: Ø 9, 10 feet
Type of extractable products: Biomass, corn silage, olive pomace, mash ..
Roller winding: Hydraulic, in manual / automatic mode
Advancement: Exclusive autotrailer system
Potential: 100 Ton / h
Total weight: 4.080 kg

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