Seeder for direct sowing JURI MP 3.20 Atlantic

The MP 3.20 seeder is a machine specialized in direct sowing with all sorts of seeds and it assures the combined distribution of seed, fertilizer and potentially micro-granular products. The machine is equipped with independent frames composed by deformable parallelograms, in order to fit to every kind of soil, and with very effective turbo blades conformed to avoid seeder jams even if in presence of abundant stubble.

Technical features:


Number of sowing frames: 23 / 12
Distance between frames: 17.5/35 cm
Main hopper capacity: 1800 kg of wheat and 1000 kg of phosphate (3.2 m3)
Secondary hopper capacity: 130 kg
Frames features: Deformable parallelogram with 500mm of travel, 17” turbo blades, 15” double sowing disk, 12” double sealing and levelling wheel with depth regulation, plastic tab for pushing seeds
Weight distribution on frames: +/- 165 kg
Seed transportation: By air flow with Air Drill system
Sowing width: 4.10 meters
Transport width: 3 meters
Tractor: Minimum required power 150-160 hp, pto 540 r.p.m
Maximum sowing speed: 8 km/h
Total weight: 4.400 kg

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