Boschi Servizi introduces the “Silcheck” system, a service that allows the monitoring of grain conservation status inside the silo bags. Thanks to this method a periodical monitoring of the biological activity is possible, ensuring a loyal representation of the actual internal situation of the bag.
Appropriate rubber patches are installed in the bag, to indicate the spots in the bag where measures of carbon dioxide are going to be taken, as well as for bag identification.
A regular data relieve from the bag is required and then measures together with detailed information, are sent to the system so as to examine the real biological risk inside the bag: contained product, bag creation time, moisture level at bagging, possible holes on the bag, weathering (flood, hail, snow, etc…).
Once the system receives the relieved data checks and monitors every value, producing a corresponding report. This will give the final user a real vision of the conservative state of the stored grain, pointing out an eventual necessity for further analysis.
The received data are mathematical elaborated and then, thanks to a telemetry device, sent to a proper server. The service provides private access to this specific web system, where the user can check directly, through graphics and maps, his own situation as well as the conservation status of the stored product.

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