The article Prototype of extractor for wet biomasses in silo-bag, signed by several hands (A. Assirelli, I. Quacquarelli, G. Caracciolo, E. Santangelo) on the “Informatore Agrario” of 13/19 April new Biomass Extractor designed by Boschi Servizi.
The article addresses the advantages of the Silobag system applied both to dried grains and to wet biomasses for zootechnical and agro-energetic use, and finally to the great protagonist, the extractor for biomass.

The machine, born from the collaboration of Boschi Servizi with the Center for engineering and processing of food products, headquarters of Monterotondo (Rome) of the Council for agricultural research and analysis of the agrarian economy (CREA) and the national organization for agricultural mechanization (ENAMA) goes to fill the great lack of efficient mechanical systems for the discharge of silobags containing wet biomass.

The complete article is available in PDF at this link: Estrattore Biomasse da L’Informatore Agrario del 13/19 Aprile 2017


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