Birds protection net

To avoid repeated attacks by birds such as crows, magpies or pigeons, it is advisable to place a tight-meshed net on the silobags that does not allow the sack to be punctured.

The nets are an excellent aid even in the event of hailstorms.

The length to be used is the same as the silobag, so 60 or 75 meters (or less if you decide to make shorter bags) in order to cover them entirely.

The nets must be fixed on the bag so as not to make them fly with the wind:
1) If the bag is expected to be covered, during the bagging operations a rope can be placed under the silobag, every 5 meters, while the machine is moving forward. This rope will then be used to tie the net once positioned.
2) If the bag has already been made, however, you can put ropes every 5 meters with counterweights such as tires or filled tanks. Or alternatively they can be fixed to the ground with pegs.

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