Grain Baggers Boschi CL1/CL2 with side loading

The Boschi CL1 and CL2 devices, which have been designed by Boschi Servizi, can be installed on Boschi IM9 baggers; the bagger can thus be directly coupled to conventional means of transport, adding a more reduced investment to the system efficiency.


  • Hydraulic system, installed on board the bagger, made up by idler assembly and hydraulic pump gearing-up, oil tank, filter, thermometer, pipe fittings and connection pipes.
  • Side loading auger, 450 mm diameter, made up by coil and pipe of reinforced thickness, hydraulic radial engine, unloading hopper, pipes, fittings and transportation wheels.
  • Side loading hopper, available in different types, ensuring maximum compatibility.

The Boschi CL1 device requires the use of a means with rear unloading fitted with an unloading opening.
The Boschi CL2 device needs a means with rear unloading and allows the use of the whole tailboard width.

Technical features:


Drive system PTO shaft
Tractor Minimum Power 44 kW (60 hp)
PTO shaft speed 540 r.p.m.
Horizontal silo size Ø 9 feet (2,74 m)
Types of products to be bagged Any kind of grain
Brake system Hydraulic disk brakes adjustable by hand pump
Capability More than 200 Ton/h
Total weight 1,070 kg (only the device)
Side loading auger Ø 450 mm


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