Grain Bag Unloader Boschi EK6

Machine for unloading dry grains from horizontal plastic silos.
The bag unloader is the machine that is used for recovering the grains kept inside the silobag, by loading them on a means that is placed next to it. It is driven by the tractor power take-off and it is basically made up by: a horizontal auger conveyor, a roller that winds the open bag and the unloading auger.

Technical features:


Drive system Protected PTO shaft
Minimum power 30 kW (40 hp)
PTO shaft speed 540 r.p.m.
Horizontal silo size Ø 6 feet (1,83 m)
Types of products to be unloaded Any kind of grain
Bag take-in roller Hydraulic, valve regulated
Transport Exclusive self-trailering system
Capability / Unloading auger diameter 90 Ton/h / 340 mm
Total weight 520 kg

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