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Rental with purchase option

Boschi Servizi in addition to providing all the various machinery necessary to start this innovative solution for storage, follows the customer with all his experience. Both in the case of rentals that in the case of sales we provide a comprehensive staff training, by our technicians, so that the customer will be as independent as possible. Although this technology is very intuitive and relatively simple knowing the basic rudiments, the importance of the know-how and of the experience that we want to convey to the customer it is particularly important.

In addition to selling Boschi Service repeatedly and with success applies the formula “Rental with option to sell”. This solution provides for the rental of the necessary storage machinery, paying them in proportion to the tons stockpiled. At the end of silage the customer (after evaluating directly the fairness of the system) can freely choose to:

– end the rental having paid the silobag used and the relative share (for the use of the machines) defined by the amount stockpiled;


– (Having already paid the rent and Silobag) can use “the purchase option”: communicating this decision to us, the customer may purchase the whole machine considering the cost of the rental as a regular advance.

The use of this technology, although it is spreading concretely in our area, still faces a particular distrust due to the novelty and some peculiarities which unfortunately are often distorted. Exactly for this reason, we invite right now anyone who wants information, to contact us freely and anyone who’s looking for an alternative storage solution is invited to Boschi Servizi to test with its hands our reality and consequently our experience. Our technicians will guide you, not only to the combination of the best machines for your reality, but also you will be shown of the many facets of this technology (terrain, logistics, anti-rat and anti-bird fight) with its problems and our solutions.

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