Polyethylene Silobags

Silobags are the ideal solution for dry grain, fodder and biomass storage. Inside bags, preservation is attained without thermal or insecticide treatments of any kind. The preservation principle is based upon the fact that an airtight environment is created inside such silobags, assuring an optimum preservation for 12 months and longer. The silobag can be of different sizes logically offering different capacity of storage. While smaller measures guarantee an high flexibility and lower costs (about the machines and the silobag prices) the larger one, instead, exploit more effectively the dedicated area according to of the quantity stored obtaining the lowest cost per weight of bagged product. 

Other characteristics:

  • the Silobag is manufactured using recyclable material making its disposal much easier and cheaper;
  • the filling step can be partial (can be divided obtaining smaller units);
  • the extraction step can be interrupted and resumed (you can start emptying a silobag, stop and resume even after a few days or months after closing the silobag again).

Technical features:

Material: BoschiSilo produces bags using raw materials from DOW POLISUR. The bags are made of three co-extruded layers of plastic film UV protected.

Warranty: 12 months

Ø 6 feet (1,83 m) length 60 or 75 m capacity: 85/110 tons
Ø 8 feet (2,44 m) length 60 or 75 m capacity: 155/200 tons
Ø 9 feet (2,74 m) length 60 or 75 m capacity: 200/250 tons
Ø 10 feet (3,05 m) length 60 or 75 m capacity: 240/310 tons
Ø 12 feet (3,66 m) length 60 or 75 m capacity: 350/450 tons
(These capacity are related to dry products with a density of 800 kg/m3)

Dry products: soft wheat, durum wheat, maize, sorghum, soybean, rice, barley, sunflower, oats, every grain product.
Wet products: grains of any kind, silage, biomasses, mush, by-products of industrial processes, forage.

Advantages: Easy and fast harvest, very low storage costs that reduce transport/storage charges, possibility to store small lots, compatibility with organic products, absence of chemical treatments.

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